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Original Spice Blends To Spark Up Any Meal

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Unique Blends of Spices Created in Milton, WI

Great tasting food is our passion at Spark Spices. Our original spice blends can spark up any meal, and take it from good to great. We offer a variety of blends for a variety of tastes! All of our spices are made in small batches ensuring fresh and high quality products. Our recipes are time tested by all the employees at our family run business. Give it a taste and share your feedback with us!

Spark Spices Recipes

Explore our Spark Spices recipes. Here you will find some of the best recipe uses for our spices. We put a lot of work into these balancing flavors and making sure we find the best ingredients. We want to make sure you have the best possible taste experience when you use them in your cooking, and are happy to provide you with crowd tested and applauded recipes.

what others are saying
We love everything we've tried. They have great customer service.
Heather C.
what others are saying
Finally! FG Texas Season All is a seasoning I can use on everything that is full of flavor, but not heavy on pepper and heat! I use in all my cooking...on vegetables, meats, soups, salads....A perfect addition to anyone's spice cupboard!
Randalynn G.
what others are saying
Delectable blends that enhance every meal!
Jenni H.
what others are saying
We purchased the brine kit and it got to us super fast! We smoked our turkey and extra thighs. Omgosh it tastes amazing! Best thanksgiving ever! Thank you for the awesome customer service and wonderful products!
Rebecca G.
what others are saying
We just love the Cinnamon Sparkle. It's great on everything from oatmeal in the morning to apples for dessert. This time of year we're making rhubarb compote and adding it. Serve over some vanilla ice cream. Delicious.
Brian N.
what others are saying
Spark Spices has a great flavor blend in each spice mix. From spicy to sweet to savory. We love cooking with our spark collection. Thank you for these great spices to bring happiness to each meal.
Becky M.