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Decades of Experience in Spice Creations

We are Spark Spices

My goal with the spices is coming up with spices different than what you can buy in the store.

With over 40 years of food industry experience Spark Spices, LLC seeks to deliver quality spices to take your food experience to the next level. Our spicemaker has 30 years of dried spice experience and has worked tirelessly to create our unique spice blends ensuring that your taste buds will……well, spark!

Made in the USA

Manufactured by Spark Spices, LLC at Feed Kitchens, 1219 N. Sherman Avenue, Madison, WI 53704. We are pleased to offer you products made in a licensed facility under the strictest FDA guidelines

Our History

In 2015, Mike and Karen Wendt started Spark Spices with simply four products. Mike had retired from Tyson Foods in Jefferson a year earlier and needed to find something to do with his time. Cooking had always been a passion, so this was a natural fit.

It takes the full team to run this family-owned business. Mike focuses on product development and production. Karen helps manage the business, works in the office, and labels the product. Together, Mike and Karen share their passion for these spices with the world. 

In The News

It is not uncommon to see Mike & Karen Wendt of Spark Spices out and about. They enjoy meeting new people and sparking up peoples’ appetites with Spark Spices’ unique spice blends. With so many successful recipes, every event they attend has an extra spark of Wisconsin flavor with these two spice makers.

Spark Spices featured in The Cap Times “Spark something savory with Spark Spices”

September 17, 2023

Spark Spices featured in Madison Magazine “Meet some of Madison’s veteran-owned businesses”

November 9, 2022

Spark Spices featured in HGN News “Money Matters”

January 2019 edition

Spark Spices’ Mike & Karen Wendt featured in HNG News

August 2018

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