Signature Prime Rib Rub


This is the absolute best prime rib I have ever eaten! We have included our recipe on the label, so that you can enjoy it as well!

Contains Kosher salt, Black pepper, Garlic, Rosemary, Thyme, Silicon Dioxide (to prevent clumping).

We’ve used crushed herbs and spices for this amazing blend!  The flavor is absolutely wonderful!!

Crushed herbs and spices.  Prime rib roast.  Put these two together and, you get an amazing dinner for any occasion.  Spark Spices Signature Prime Rib Rub is our family recipe.  This is the blend that seasons our New Year’s Eve Prime Rib dinner.  It is so delicious that I, personally, won’t eat any other prime rib!  I seriously think it is that good!  Get yours today!


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