Artisan Breakfast Sausage


Our Artisan Breakfast Sausage mix is an excellent way to wake up your taste buds!  Each package makes up to 6 pounds of breakfast sausage.  Make it all at once or, add 4 teaspoons per pound of meat and store the rest of the seasoning in the resealable package.  This spice blend contains a medley of basil, coriander and sage, along with a few other spices!  It’s an excellent way to wake up!!!

Some suggestions from our customers:

  • Using ground chicken or turkey, adding Breakfast Sausage seasoning will make a tasty meatball.
  • Mix 4 tsps to one pound of ground beef gives your meatloaf a nice, balanced flavor.


Directions for use:  Mix 4 teaspoons per pound of meat, mix thoroughly, and refrigerate for 4 hours, or overnight, to allow flavors to even distribute.  After resting the meat, you can make into patties, or stuff into natural casings and create links.  We recommend cooking to the FDA recommended internal temperature of 160 degrees for pork or beef and, 165 degrees if you’re using poultry.


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  1. Karen (verified owner)

    I bought your product at the Sparta craft fair. I love it! I used 99%fat free Ground turkey and made chili with it. Great to know I can have a lower fat alternative for sausage, and great tasting! Endless possibilities! I posted your product on my Weight Watchers online Facebook site! Love your product!

    Mary Hendricks

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