Artisan Brat Seasoning



If you’re looking for an amazing bratwurst seasoning, we’ve got what you’re looking for.  Each package of our Artisan Brat Seasoning makes up to 6 pounds of bratwurst.  Make it all at once, or add 5 teaspoons per pound of meat and store the rest of the seasoning in the resealable package.  We really think you’re going to like the flavor of this seasoning which brings hints of coriander, ginger, mace and a hint of fresh lemon.  Use with ground chicken, turkey, beef, pork or venison.  We hope you enjoy this spice mix as much as we do!

Directions for use:  Mix 5 teaspoons per pound of meat, mix thoroughly, and refrigerate for 4 hours, or overnight, to all flavors to evenly distribute.  After resting the meat, you can make into patties, or stuff into natural casings and create links.  We recommend cooking to the FDA recommended internal temperature of 160 degrees for beef or pork and, 165 degrees if you’re using poultry.


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